Jacob Amir (Spigler) - יעקב עמיר

יעקב עמיר


Last name, first name: Amir,Jacob

Salutation: Prof.

Nationality: Israel

Nominating country: Israel

Title: ProfessorEmeritus

Institution: Research Organizationof Israel

Areas of expertise: 


Field Crops.

Agricultural Sciences

Natural Resource Management

Total number of

publications: 87


1959 M.Sc. Degree: Hebrew University - Fieldcrops

1968: Ph.D. Degree - Hebrew University – Biochemistry

Work experience

1. 1959-1963: Agronomic and physiological research of peanut

in loessial soil in the Negev Desert Region in Israel.

2. Biological method for evaluating soil nitrogen, phosphorus and cereal

nematodes infestation in the loessial soil in the Negev de

3. New technology for achieving economical yields of cereal in drought

years in the Negev desert.

4. Mechanistic model describing growth and yield of wheat under water limitation

and irrigation conditions.

5.Control of starch - sugar conversion in plants.


1. 1982-A.2. Cohen prize for contribution to plant protection

2. 1983 - Researcher of the year, Agricultural Res. Organization

3. American society of agronom membership

4. American society of plant physiology membership

5. Israel society of botany membership.

Other activities:

1. 1949-1953: Kibbutz manager

2.1959-1996: Research scientist (ARO)  Volcani Center

, Gilat experiment station.

3.1961-1963: Advisor to the government of Burma, Director of research in wheat

  project at Namsang

4. 1972-1974: Chief of research, Gilat experiment station

5.1976-1980: Chairman, Executive Board, Ramat Hanegev







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